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Orlando’s first Get Married event was spectacular, and incorporated an Eat Love Play theme. Enjoy the pictures from the event below.

Orlando's First Get Married Event

Orlando's First Get Married Event hosted by The D-Tales

Get Married's Eat Love Play Theme'd Event

Get Married's Eat Love Play Theme'd Event

Lifetime Television's Get Married Pink and Orange Theme

Eat Love Play cake created by Party Flavors in Orlando, FL.

Eat Love Play on the custom dance floor

Eat Love Play with Get Married on their custom dance floor

IcePro Custom Ice Sculpture for Get Married

Custom Ice Sculpture for Get Married in Orlando, FL

Custom Daisy, Pink and White Bar for Get Married

Custom Daisy, Pink and White Bar for Get Married

Some of Orlando’s finest vendors were present at Get Married’s Eat Love Play event held at Heaven Event Center in Orlando, FL. The Eat Love Play event was hosted by April Dorsey from The D-Tales, cake was provided by Party Flavors, the custom dance floor by Letz Dance On It, DJ and Entertainment by Al Dee Productions and their ice sculpture by Ice Pro.

The D-Tales and this fabulous event will be featured in Get Married’s next issue. Additional vendors that helped make this event possible were Unique Option for providing their chic, comfortable event furniture, photography by Kristen Weaver, Sweet Maralyn’s Chocolates for her s’more buffet, Creations Catering and Events, Orlando Wedding and Event Rentals, the pink and orange specialty cocktail drinks by Orlando Private Bartending. Floral design was provided by Raining Roses



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Merry Christmas to you and your family. Best wishes and many blessings in the new year.

Merry Christmas from Alce Events

Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year


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S'mores Candy Buffet

S'mores Candy Buffet

Candy Buffet

S'more Toppings On Candy Buffet

Popular Candy Buffet

Popular Candy Buffet

Decorative Marshmallow S'more Candy Buffet

Decorative Marshmallow S'more Candy Buffet

The s’more candy buffet was provided by Chef Lo from Millenia Catering at the Science of Events by AFR. This unique twist on the traditional candy buffet allowed guests to interact and mingle as they prepared their custom s’mores. The candy station was manned by one of Millenia Catering’s staff members to ensure the guests’ safety and continued fun. The Science of Events was a networking event for Orlando’s Wedding and Event Professionals held at the Orlando Science Center.


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Dance at your wedding

If I hear that song one more time?! We’ve all heard that statement haven’t we? There are songs that have been placed on the “do not play list” over the years, while our favorites bring back great memories. That list should be played at your wedding.

Providing a play and do not play list makes your DJ’s job easier. It allows them the opportunity to play music within your style and genre while also incorporating other great selections in the mix. Great music will liven up your celebration and create a lasting fun experience for you and your guests. In order to ensure that your DJ kicks off the party right, ask some questions to help you make your final decision to hire them.

How much backup equipment do you provide for each event? A blown speaker is an unfortunate situation. However, they do happen. A professional and experienced DJ set up and test their equipment prior to the start of your event, and should always have backup equipment should any malfunctions occur.

 How many weddings do you DJ per day? Most wedding vendors charge an overtime fee. DJs are no different. If a DJ takes more than one wedding, how can they guarantee they’ll be on time for your evening wedding if they have an afternoon affair, and are asked to stay later? Make sure to get all setup times in writing in your contract. Be careful about hiring a one man team that takes on too many jobs in one day.

 How many weddings do you do per year? Obviously more weddings and events mean more experience, and hopefully very happy clients. Ask for a list of previous clients and call them.

Can I see you perform at an event prior to hiring you? This is especially important if you’re working with a DJ company with multiple DJ’s. You’ll want to see the DJ that is playing at YOUR event. Even if the company only has one DJ, see them in action and pay close attention to how they interact and amp the crowd.

Do you also provide MC services? Is there an additional fee for this service? Many wedding and event DJs have package that include both services. The DJ will make or break your party so make sure that they are great at getting the party started and keeping guests entertained.

Do you provide lighting? Lighting and special effects add to your theme and/or overall ambiance. If your DJ does not provide lighting, hire a professional lighting company. Tagas Event and Productions and Kaleidoscope are great lighting companies in or around the Orlando area.

Do you have clean versions for all of your music? Some venues will not allow profanity or explicit lyrics to be played at their location. And, there’s nothing worse than listening to a song and catching every other word because all of the naughty stuff is being bleeped out. Keep your song selections clean and prevent the chance of offending a guest.

 Do you specialize in a specific genre of music, or can you play a variety? Some DJ’s specialize in Latin or different cultural type of events, and feel very comfortable playing great mixes in that genre. However, having a great overall mix is important to entertain the majority of your guests, both young and old.

How many years have you been in business? Experience allows your DJ to know how to feel the audience’s vibe and motivate them to get up and dance.

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Flowers are an important element that expresses your personality. Are you a romantic, classic bride? Or do you prefer sleek, clean lines? Maybe you are all about Hollywood glam, and your wedding is over the top. Your bouquets and floral décor will compliment your style, theme and ambiance.

There are many beautiful and unique types of brides and your wedding is the perfect opportunity to express your own unique style. Your florist will play an important role in suggesting flowers that will compliment your vision and bring your décor together. We’ve suggested some questions to ask your florist to ensure that you’re comfortable with their ability and creativity.

How many days before the wedding do you prepare the floral arrangements and bouquets?

You want to make sure that your flowers are fresh and look their best for your wedding. Preparing arrangements and bouquets too early may create a risk for the flowers to look wilted and not at their peak. Ask your florist how they preserve their flowers to make sure they’re as beautiful as you expect them to look.

What are your payment policies?

Some florists require 50% of the total to be paid in order to reserve your date. Most deposits are non refundable. Make sure that you’re confident in your florist and their ability to deliver your vision.

Can you provide a mock centerpiece or bouquet?

Most florists provide one mock. However, different policies vary by florist. They may provide the mock when your total is paid in full or after the initial deposit is paid.

Do you deliver and setup the centerpieces?

Never assume that your florist will deliver AND set your centerpieces up at your reception. Not every bride will have a planner or someone in charge of making sure that everything is being done on time. Please ask your florist if they deliver AND set up the centerpieces and all of your arrangements. Some florist will only deliver the flowers and charge extra for setting everything up at your reception venue.

How many weddings do you service per year?

An experienced florist will be able to translate your vision clearly and ensure that you’re happy with their work. With more experience, they’ll be able to provide you examples of a variety of styles they are capable of producing.

Can I see pictures of previous floral arrangements and bouquets that you have created?

An experienced florist will be able to present you with additional pictures besides what they have posted on their website. Their pictures will be a great representation of their style of arranging.

Do you charge a flat rate or a per item price?

Many florist charge per item. Prices vary based on flowers and complexity of arrangements. Their proposals should list prices per arrangement, centerpiece, altar arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres and rental items if applicable.

Can I bring my own vases for my centerpieces?

Bringing your own vases can save you money on glassware rentals and the possibility of having to replace rental items if one of your guests walks away with an arrangement. Michaels, Joann’s Fabrics  and Old Time Pottery are excellent stores to purchase affordable glassware.

Before you finalize your decision and hire a florist, make sure you feel comfortable in their ability to be creative and provide you with an excellent end product. Remember that word of mouth spreads like wild fire. Ask for references and check up on them. Previous clients will be quick to provide both great and bad experiences.

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What is the average length of an engagement?

Answers should be left as a comment on this blog post.


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Photography Makeup

Photography Makeup

Photography Makeup

Giselle Marie Colon Photo Shoot

Makeup by Vanessa Alce