Tina and David's Engagement

Dave asks Tina to marry him!

The last three months of the year are some of the busiest ones for event professionals because it’s peak wedding season, and networking events and holiday parties are many. October was a particularly busy month for Alce Events as we held our two day open house event with Letz Dance On It. October 21st was open to the event professionals, and the 22nd for friends and family.

October 22nd was particularly special for Tina and David, a lovely couple that visited our office to show their support and visit our showroom. David had a surprise engagement planned for Tina. After speaking to the DJ, and preparing his big surprise, the DJ handed Dave the mic where he got everyone’s attention. With over 120 guests, there were many eyes on the couple.  Dave advised his audience that Tina always gives him  a hard time about not being too romantic, and that he wanted to prove her wrong. He declared his love for her, and asked Tina to be his partner on his life’s journey.

Tina was in complete shock! She immediately said yes, and gave Dave a hug and a kiss. Within a week, she scheduled their consultation with Alce Events and booked their 9/10/11 wedding date. Tina and Dave were happy to find a wedding planner to help them plan an affordable wedding and understood their wedding day vision. The couple took advantage of our $5,000 complete wedding day reception. The package includes the ceremony and reception venue (at the same location), red carpet entrance for your guests, centerpieces for guest tables, DJ, dance floor, up lights, linen and dinner for up to 75 guests.

I cannot believe that it’s been almost three months since we partnered with Tina and Dave to create their fabulous wedding day. Below are some more pictures of their engagement. Enjoy!


Orlando couple gets engaged

Will you marry me?

Parners for Life

In Love for Life

Tina and David

Tina and Dave are Engaged!

Congratulations Tina and Dave!


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