Wedding Thank You Cards

We all deserve a little appreciation! Who doesn’t enjoy hearing thank you from a friend or loved one? Most of our actions are out of love for our friends and family, or because we support your cause and want to help it succeed. We enjoy sharing in each other’s accomplishments and milestones and give memorable gifts accordingly, right? Have you ever not received a merited thank you? The lack of appreciation may have left you feeling miffed and forgotten. That’s no way to leave your guests feeling after celebrating with you.

Whether asked personally, or listed on a forum, the FAQ’s regarding when to send out thank you cards are usually very similar. I’m going to play myth buster for a moment and shed some light on proper etiquette.

Do I have one year after my wedding to send out thank you cards? No, you do not have one year to mail thank you cards. Three months is the maximum length of time that you should wait to mail out a thank you card. Your guests put a lot of thought into your gift. You should return the favor and thank them in a timely fashion.

My photo thank you cards won’t be ready for six months after the wedding. Can I send my thank you cards out then? No. Unless your cards are ready shortly after your wedding, use your wedding picture as a Christmas (or upcoming holiday) card instead, and send an alternative thank you card to your guests.

I still haven’t gotten around to sending my thank you cards, and my wedding was 5 months ago. Should I still send them out? Yes, it’s better to be late than to never send the cards out.

Although the three month rule can fairly apply to weddings, bridal and baby showers, the rules change a bit when thanking sponsors for their monetary contribution or donating kind goods for a fundraiser. When planning a fundraising event, allot a budget for thank you gifts. Your donors should feel valued for their contribution to your charity or nonprofit organization. Neglecting to acknowledge their support could result in a lack of interest in future events, and one less sponsor to help you attain financial assistance.

Thank you cards and gifts should be ready to be mailed out the following business day after the fundraising event has ended. Having a growing list of sponsors and when their sponsorships are received helps to preorder items and mail them on time.

You’ve paid attention to all the minor details that created a spectacular event. Those details include leaving your guests with a stellar final impression beyond the celebration. Many have travelled from afar to be part of your special day, and bask in your joy. Do not procrastinate on thanking those who made your event memorable, and showered you with gifts. Always remember… a proper thank you, just like a smile, goes a long way!

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