When all the planning is done, discussions about the budget and guest list are over, and your settling in as husband and wife, you’ll have your pictures to remind of you those special moments you experienced on your wedding day.

Over and over I hear couples say “our wedding day flew by” or “wow I don’t remember that!” Great pictures are priceless treasures that you’ll cherish till death does you part. Hire a professional and experienced photographer to capture your wedding day! Have initial consultations with a few photographers and compare what you like about each of them with your fiancé. There are many elements that create beautiful and creative wedding pictures, and ways to determine what style suits you best.

Trends in the wedding industry put titles on styles of photography. While many photographers are great at what they do, others advertise their abilities to shoot pictures in a particular style without truly understanding the meaning of that title.

What is the difference between photojournalistic and traditional photography? It’s become very popular to call candid photography photojournalism. Traditional photography shows more of the posed snapshots of the bride and groom and their family. Experience speaks loudly when a photographer will capture a series of posed family pictures and some great candid moments that genuinely express your emotions at that moment in time. While photojournalistic pictures capture moments as they happen, don’t discard the idea of having some traditional pictures taken. They’re the ones that show the generations present on your wedding day, and the union of two families.

What is your photographic style? Each photographer you meet should be able to tell you what their particular style is, and explain in lamens terms what that means to them and YOU!

What standard pictures do you capture at weddings? Standard pictures are your first dance, the cake cutting ceremony, the garter and bouquet toss, pictures of the couple with each set and both sets of parents, and group pictures of the couple with their bridal party. Others include the father/daughter and mother/son dances and your grand entrance as husband and wife. Discuss what pictures are important to you, what the photographer considers must have moments, and combine both lists. If you love a picture in a magazine, bring that with you to your consultation.

What type of lens do you shoot with? Bringing pictures to a consultation will be helpful to show the photographer what style you’re looking for. Certain pictures are taken with a specific lens to provide a specific effect. For example, a picture of a large bridal party may have a curvy distorted 180 degree effect that may require a fisheye lens. Although the effect may be possible in Photoshop, the right equipment will ensure that the pictures are captured right the first time, with minimal editing afterwards.

Do you shoot in black and white and sepia? Ask to see pictures in color as well as sepia and black and white. If you prefer color selection within your black and white photos, ask the photographer if they know how to apply this effect to your pictures. Keep in mind that you’re also hiring your photographer for their creative abilities. Let them shine as well!

How many backup cameras and lenses do you carry on hand during a wedding? Many photographers carry extra charged batteries, lenses (a variety of them) and cameras to shoot your wedding. The models and brands should also be the same.

Whose your backup should you get sick or have an emergency? Photographers that have been in the wedding and event industry know many experienced photographers and often network with a close knit of them. Do not hesitate to ask for pictures of photographers they may use as backup, and compare their styles.

How many weddings do you shoot per day? One wedding per day allows a photographer to focus on your day without having to rush off to the next one. Some wedding photographers work as part of a large network, or as part of a one stop shop production company. Don’t worry! They can be just as great and experienced as an independent one. However, ask to see the work of the photographer that will be working YOUR wedding. Meet their assistant also and look at their portfolio.

Do you have experience photographing in a strict house of worship that does not allow flash? There are special lenses that let in more light and do not require bright flashes to be used during your ceremony. Many houses of worship do not allow photography after the procession has ended. However, those pictures are just as important and need special attention to  make sure they’re high resolution and quality pictures. Some photographers may have you reenact the lighting of the candle or other ceremonies to capture those moments otherwise not allowed.   

Can you  please provide me with a list of referrals to call? I probably sound like a broken record but ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK, ASK for referrals and call them. Your pictures are too important to leave up to chance. 

There are many wonderful photographers in your area that will capture your wedding beautifully. The above questions can and should be asked when selecting your photographer for your special day. I hope that this list has been helpful, and provides a good starting point.

Need help finding a wedding and event photographery? Check out Mike Buoy Photography, Giancini Photography, John Shinner Photography and J. Gipson Photography  in the Orlando area. Let them know that Alce Events referred you!

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