Questions to ask your venue…

You’ve been dreaming of that perfect wedding, and now it’s finally here. It’s time to start perfecting your wedding day vision and bring it to life. Your venue will play an important role in the theme, atmosphere and overall feel for your day. Before you begin searching for the perfect venue, consider your guest list and then select a venue that suites your vision and guest count.

Most venues will go the extra mile to provide you with the best experience. But, there are always policies and procedures to consider. Ultimately, don’t be afraid to ask! Getting clarification on specific requests before signing a contract will help you avoid the headaches and misunderstandings later.

1. Are you licensed to serve alcohol?

If your venue is not licensed to serve alcohol, your cater will be. Most venues will have a preferred caterers list that they know offer quality service and have the proper licensing to protect you, the venue and your guests.

2. Do you allow piped draping?

Looking for drapes to enhance your reception décor? Although most draping companies are allowed, always get clearance from the event manager in charge of your wedding.

3. Do you charge a cake cutting fee?

If your venue provides in-house catering, always ask if they charge a cake cutting fee. This fee is considered a hidden fee that can add up to double your cake cost.

4. Do you allow candles? What are your restrictions for open flame?

Although most venues require that your open flame be contained in a glass container, do not assume that they all allow candles and be sure to ask.

5. Do you offer set rental time blocks or can I set my own?

Some venues offer time blocks for your wedding. For example, 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. If you prefer to have your ceremony or reception at a later time, you may have to select a different venue or consider having your wedding within their specified time frames.

6. Do you book more than one wedding per day?

This is an especially important question for hotels and ballrooms. If the answer is yes, ask your event manager how much time they allow for break down and set up to make sure that your reception starts on time without any hiccups.

7. Do you have a preferred vendors list?

Most venues have a preferred vendors list for caterers, DJ’s, florist, wedding and event planners, lighting, drapes, and party rental items. Be sure to ask them for a list if you need assistance selecting great vendors. Don’t forget to ask those referred vendors for referrals from past clients. If you have hired a wedding planner, they will provide you with top notch vendors that fit within your budget and style.

8. Can I bring in my own caterer?

Each has different catering policies. Some will provide their own in-house catering while others will only allow you to book a caterer from their preferred vendors list. Feel unsure about hiring a caterer from a list? Don’t be! Venues offer a list caterers to suite your style and budget.

9. Do you allow an outside caterer for ethnic weddings/events?

This option is especially important for Indian weddings. Make sure to ask if there is an additional fee for this service? Often, the addition fee is charged at a per person rate.

10. Have a special request for your wedding?

Ask your venue if they allow fireworks, confetti, rose petals, aisle runners, etc. For example, some churches do not allow aisle runners because they can be a tripping hazard to both the guests and bridal party. Want smoke or fog at your reception? Make sure to discuss this request with your event manager. Some venues will not allow smoke or fog because it will set off their fire sprinklers. You don’t want a watered down wedding.

Read more Questions to Ask Your Vendors next week! Stay tuned!

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