Sweet Sixteen

Alce Events: I had the pleasure of working with Justus Lester of JustUs Foto for Bolo’s Bash, a fundraiser benefiting BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation. From the moment that we started working together, I noticed Justus’ superb level of service and charisma. Bolo’s Bash was an incredibly emotional event as it was in memory of my client’s younger brother who passed away from leukemia ten months prior. My client was very pleased with the pictures and how Justus documented the evening. I’m pleased to share this interview with my readers. Justus, what inspires you personally?

Justus Lester: I am personally inspired by beauty in general, wherever it may be found and in whatever form, and that is everywhere. I love the freedom and independence that photography allows. I am able to share my interpretation and vision with others to hopefully last well beyond my years.

Alce Events: What style best describes your photography?

Justus Lester: I would not say that I have a particular style, but over and above “pure”. I have a phrase I like to use, ‘camera takes what camera sees’. I like to capture most moments as they are, no matter if it’s a wedding or a war zone.

Alce Events: Would you consider yourself a wedding photographer, or an event photographer?

Justus Lester: I do everything and honestly believe that it will always be this way. We see the entire world through our eyes and a lens is nothing more than an extension of our own vision. I see everything therefore I want to capture everything. It may be cyclical that I shoot more of a specific style at a particular time but I will never “specialize” in only one area.

High End Fashion Show

Alce Events: What level of service and quality are people getting when they hire Justus Foto?

Justus Lester: You get someone who takes photography VERY seriously. All the skill in the world means nothing if you don’t have a market that you service and cultivate. I am always looking to improve my skills behind the camera and ways to improve the final product delivered to a happy client.

Alce Events: What sets you apart from other photographers in your industry?

Justus Lester: I am by nature anal retentive so what sets me apart is that I agonize over everything in an effort to make things perfect. I like to lay things out in advance and think and brainstorm my way through them before the first shot is fired. I look for distracting elements live so that little to no backtracking has to take place on location or in post-production.

Alce Events: How long have you been a professional photographer?

Justus Lester: I have been shooting since I was 16 years-old and came from a very successful career behind a desk. After moving to Florida in 2005, I figured I should take this life-long hobby to the next level and move it to the forefront of my life. I couldn’t be happier.

Alce Events: What type of editing/enhancements do you provide your clients?

Justus Lester: I am basically versed in post production editing techniques but I’ll be honest, if you are looking to fly across the moon on a Unicorn as stars shoot past, I am not your man. I like to make real people and things as beautiful as possible while staying true to the original context. There is enough real beauty around us or that can be re-created without having to delve into photo fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, I love some of that stuff and it can be mind-blowing, I just have no interest in making it. It’s not photography to me, art, but not photography.

Alce Events: What do you look for when capturing a moment at a wedding or an event?

Justus Lester: It depends on the event, but I look for the quiet moments that sum up the emotion of the event. Something out of the ordinary or what you may not think is the main focus.

Alce Events: What inspires your work?

Justus Lester: This is actually one area where I feel I need to improve. Being from NYC, and used to such a fast paced life, I need to slow down and really see what is around me as opposed to just looking at what is around me. I am however, inspired by curves/lines and the sky. The curved line of a woman or car and the sky and how it is ever changing, and the impact light from the sky above has on objects below.

Alce Events: Please list any certificates, acknowledgements, awards received for your photography. I will mention these on the blog entry also.

Justus Lester: I prefer criticism one-on-one as opposed to publicly so I rarely enter contests but I have several certificates all from The Nikon School. I will put myself out there more going forward which should hopefully bring some accolades but for now I am most happy with the satisfied client.


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