J. Gipson Photography is highly sought after by high fashion models, sports trainers and clients seeking to build their portfolios, and take family and self portraits that are different and fun. He is a great choice for engagement photos, event coverage and wedding photography. Your most treasured moments can be trusted to J. Gipson and his team without dissappointment.

J. Gipson is a family man whose inspired by his wife and son. He’s an experienced event and studio photographer who over promises and under delivers, and goes above and beyond his client’s expectations. What sets J. Gipson apart from other photographers is flexibility, personality and that he’s affordable. He establishes a strong rapport with his clients and sets a comfortable atmosphere without making his presence intrusive during weddings and events. When capturing a moment, he looks for laughter, excitement and the once in a lifetime moments!

J. Gipson developed a great reputation with industry professionals while working as a aspiring photographer for the last 10 years. He began as a self taught photographer, attending conferences and networking events to stay abreast of the constantly changing industry trends and new ideas. J. Gipson Photography was established in 2008.  He’s taken photography classes but mainly uses raw talent. J. Gipson truly enjoys taking a picture of someone and showing them how great they look.


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