I was watching a rerun of America’s Next Top Model yesterday, and the two final contestants were up for the final elimination. As the judges deliberated, Tyra Banks made a unique comment about Whitney Thompson. “She’s not a plus size model.” I’m glad Tyra corrected Nigel because I became very upset when he referred to Whitney as plus sized! My point is that everyone has their own perception about their body image, and it should be a healthy one.

Embrace your inner beauty, and the world will learn to appreciate you for who you are! Whitney did and became America’s Next Top Model. Imagine how dull the world would be if we all looked alike and had similar facial features and bodies. Learn to love your body and unique features. Wear clothes that flatter your figure and work well with your body type. The same rules apply when using makeup.

Playing with colors is fun. However, the primary step in purchasing makeup is selecting the right shade of foundation and concealer that match your skin tone. Use eyeshadows that accentuate your natural eye color, bronzers that make you look polished, and lipsticks that do not draw attention to your lips, but compliment them instead. For example, if you opt for smokey eyes, don’t overdo the blush and lipstick. Use more neutral colors instead, and you will look more glamorous.

The key is to find what works best for you. If you’re looking for the perfect makeup for your wedding, make an appointment with a professional makeup artist for a trial run before your big day. Do not assume that a counter person at a department store knows how to apply your makeup, and wait until your wedding day to learn otherwise. Ask the makeup artist questions during your trial session, and write down the colors used that you liked. An experienced artist will keep this information on file to repeat the process on your big day.

Keep an open mind and allow the artist to show you a few ideas that will look best on you. Remember, they have experience working with a variety of facial features, eye shapes, and know how to accentuate them properly. In the end, you’ll look magnificent and feel comfortable being yourself!


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