MakeupThere are many young ladies that opt for the DIY option when it comes to their makeup for a special event. “I can do my own makeup” is a line I hear on a regular basis. I believe that it’s a myth that you can skimp on the professionals and still expect to look great for pictures. That is of course, if you’re not a professional makeup artist or have real experience with the art and how it correlates with photography and videography.

Full coverage is a must for an evening event, and the application is a bit heavier than your daily wear. A good moisturizer, concealer, foundation, and eyeshadow primer are key elements that will make your complexion look radiant, and cover dark circles under your eyes, blemishes or blotchy skin. Ladies with oily skin should always use an oil free moisturizer because it will help keep their oily skin controlled, and opt for a matte finish foundation to prevent looking shiny. If you’re going to a daytime event, a natural look is usually the best option.

If you’re the guest of honor, it’s likely that you’ll be photographed, and will want to look sharp in every picture. Makeup artists and experienced photographers highly recommended that you have your makeup professionally applied by an artist who has experience with photography makeup. Whether you’re the Bride, Quinceanera, or the special guest speaker, you will have your picture taken! It’s imperative that you’re makeup fits the occasion.

Wedding Makeup – As an event planner, I have seen the bride get her makeup professionally done, and the bridesmaids do their own. Everyone believes they look beautiful, until they see the pictures after the wedding. The bride often complains that the shimmery eye shadow overpowered the bridesmaid’s face, they did not wear enough blush and looked washed out, or they wore a neutral lip gloss that made them look as if they were not wearing lipstick. There is no redo for wedding pictures, so a professional makeup artist that has experience in bridal makeup is a must. Trust that the price of a professional is well worth it when your wedding pictures look marvelous.

Hi Profile Events – If you’re a guest speaker, hosting a fundraiser, or attending a high profile event, it’s likely that you’ll be photographed or be recorded on video footage throughout the event. Don’t leave your appearance to chance, and hire a trained and experienced makeup artist that will make you look fabulous.

You can locate great makeup artists in your area at Get Married, that use high quality brands.  Make Up For Ever and KROMA Makeup are two excellent brands used by industry experts, and offer great coverage and extensive color selection. Always remember to ask for referrals and get a trial makeup session before your event.

Check back next week for makeup tips from the makeup artists themselves!


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